So, What is it?

 We ship one set of Reign Lashes to you every 30 days with FREE gift(s) included for $19.99 before shipping.
Reign Lashes typically retail for around $30.00 per set and this is the best deal available!

How Does it Work?

You sign up under the subscription TAB and it charges you that day, lashes are shipped within 5-7 business days after that first order and you are ready to REIGN. (EXAMPLE: If you order in May, your first package will be the May package.) You are re-charged every 30 days and you get new lashes each month with new different gifts!


How Much Does it Cost?

$19.99 before taxes or shipping/MONTH & that can retail for over $70 some months!

For the month of March, we gave CHIC earrings, chap-stick in great flavors, and lashes for only $19.99 USD!


Are they Magnetic Lashes?

We have an adhesive & magnetic lash subscription.


Can I Cancel Anytime?

YES! Log into your Reign Lashes Account, go to manage subscriptions, scroll over to the right to see the CANCEL option. We do not cancel subscriptions on our end, so you will need to do that from your account.


"I tried to cancel but it says no account found?"

You did not create an account when purchasing your subscription, create one using the same email address and your account will reflect your purchases.
After it is created, go to account, manage subscriptions, & scroll over to the right.


Can I Pick the Lashes?

No! They are mystery lashes each month not available on the site but always fire.


Do the Lashes Repeat Styles?

You will not get the same lashes within 6 consecutive months.


Is there a Cancellation Fee?


But, once your charge goes through, we can not refund it if you forgot to cancel. That order was already packed and ready to go within 14 business days before the charge went through. If you are wanting to cancel, make sure it is 14 business days before your upcoming charge so we have time to determine the number of subscriptions.


Does Reign Ship International Subscriptions?

At this time, not yet :(

but soon!


Can I Return it?

NO! For health purposes, we do not accept returns or refunds on any shipped products. ALL SALES ARE 100000000% FINAL.


Are the Lashes Dramatic?

We try and switch it up, but 80% of the subscription lashes are more natural everyday wear. We do throw in some thicker styles every few months.


How to Update Address?

Once logged in, go to account, manage subscription, and update shipping address. It must be done under MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION. If this is not done, and your order goes to the wrong address, Reign Lashes, LLC is not liable. If this is only updated under ACCOUNT and not under manage subscription, it will not work. The change must be made under MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS.


Does Reign Provide Glue?

No. We do not!

Any lash adhesive works perfect. We personally recommend "DUO" Glue and it can be purchased from any Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's, Target, etc.


Can I Skip Shipments?

At this time, no. But you can cancel and join us back anytime!